STORIES & Commentaries that…

…make your head go BOOOM!

This is Benedict Foster Fanon writing. I’m 30yrs old Swiss-South African literature freak, who thinks it’s rather nice to think about this turbulent times we’re living in. The results are some of the short stories and commentaries you will find on this blog. Feedback and POLL PARTICIPATION is immensely welcome.

I believe: the MORE PEOPLE read and think about and communicate stuff, the MERRIER.  READING AND WRITING are immensely important parts of our life and thanks to the INTERNET, we can do more than just be MEDIA CONGLOMERATE DUMMIES! Just take your time to read, think, talk, fold, paint, take pictures, BE CREATIVE!!! That’s what this blog is about, specifically in regard to WRITING.


[this cool cat is responsible for the pic ]


4 Responses to STORIES & Commentaries that…

  1. tmabona says:

    Nobody has posted a comment or participated in any of the 5-second polls. Young man, you are on your own!

  2. Sian says:

    i really like the new layout – welcome to 2010 🙂

  3. kyoko kimura says:

    No, you are not. I just sent you an email and also forwarded your website to my friend Malika Ndlovu. She also has her blog promoting good stuff.
    Missing you, Kyoko x

  4. Philip says:


    seit dem du nicht mehr bei Facebook bist, sind wir anscheinend keine Freunde mehr, oder besser gesagt es gibt keine Möglichkeit dich zu kontaktieren. Schick mir mal deine email, dann schick ich dir mein Buchlayout, wenns dich nich interessiert.
    Hoffe alles is jut in Lucern?

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