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Surface Detail (Iain M. Banks)

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What’re these shit-kickers up to?


I just now watched the new video by JayZ and Kanye West, directed by S. Jones. I’m afraid it is as close as is possible to absolutely, bear-bones meaninglessness. Synopsis: Jay and Kanye approach 300k Maybach with power-saw and blowtorch. Jay walking glowers back into the camera mischievously, however, the two don’t do jackshit in the way of demolition. Cut to next sequence. Car is dismantled in dim hangar by, most likely, customs’ mechanics, however the figures are not identifiable. Cut to next sequence. Jay and Kanyeezi ride the freshly gutted, roofless, fire-spitting, weirdly duct-taped car around the parking lot of what looks like an aviation hangar. Four models strapped into the back-seats scream for their life while managing to look amused. Interspliced are shots of equally bare-bone pyro-effects outside that same hangar at night-fall, as well as the two of them rapping in front of a gigantic US flag [though the stars might be the logo of either one’s label]. In the car scenes JayZ now and then touches a sort of zippo-lighter glove to the concrete which sends sparks flying. The strong sense one gets is that Jones’ considers displaying the very barest artifacts of a “hiphop clip” [luxury car, destruction of luxury, women, visible pyro apparatus] to create an aesthetic of its own: the stage that is blatantly shown to be a stage, the naked self-deconstruction. What he forgets is that this solipsistic attention to the self only yields results when there is something interesting to be said about the self, e.g. as in the well-known sequence: [Trauma] Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance.


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Here is what got me to thinking along these lines:

Zero History (William Gibson)

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That Japanese idea of secret brands. The deliberate construction of parallel microeconomies, where knowledge is more congruent than wealth. I’d have a brand, I decided, but it would be a secret. The branding would be that it was a secret. No advertising. None. No press. No shows. I’d do what I was doing, be as secretive as I could about it, and avoid the bullshit.


I liked/like the idea though I have no business with branding. However, being secretive to me has not been enough, I’ve decided to make this blog of mine a sort of “secret” tout court. I’m not sure that inaccessibility and secrecy are identical but factually they seem to be. Nobody can read these lines right now other than myself and perhaps some semi-criminal wordpress administrator. The blog itself, rather than being a medium of communication has been, in a way of writing, reabsorbed into my consciousness. Like secret stacks of writing it has become a material/digital extension of myself that functions much better ordered than the jumble of my daily thinking. Or at least a bit better. No press [there never has been]. No shows [you can’t click on it]. No readers [access denied]. The avoidance of bullshit is total. I reside inside the blog with only my own mental dung-heap to cultivate, there are indeed not even microeconomies just the perplexing paleotropical egotope of this here evolving self.




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