2011MidFeb – Missing words &.s.f.


Sorry for excusing myself from the blogosphere for a few days. My last two or three entries have been untypical and plain-vanilla-bush-league at best. If it makes any difference, I’ve been busily working on another future failure. At any rate, I’m back to my old self and in order to make this entry a bit more appetizing I’ve gone fishing for testimonials [check the pdf below] from wickedly cool people who can attest to the merit and sub-prime fun-value of my blog.


Missing words, double-void & writer’s [c/b]lock

What I am sometimes afraid of, as a writer, is that one day I will sit down, place my fingers on the qwerty-keyboard, right index on the j and left index on the f, feeling the little Braille-like raises there and be unable to type. That the emptiness of the page or the screen will just be a symbolic reflection of my inner emptiness. That situation would be: one void facing another with nothing to communicate. And that that situation, the double-void, the absence of something to write about, the silence of the keys, would last not just a few seconds or a minute or an hour, a few hours I mean.  It would last for days and weeks on end. It would in time become chronic: sitting down in front of the computer, placing my hands on the keyboard and being unable to write anything because I have nothing to write about. In general this would likely be referred to as “writer’s block” but from my perspective, this term is very inappropriate. At least for my condition. My fear is that of having nothing to write, of suddenly running into a double-void.

Evidently & naturally this never happens. FULL ENTRY as PDF

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