The Immune One [ • • • excl. prev. • • •]

[Hugo Lötscher, Der Immune]

Admittedly, the red-brown stains on the alarm clock aren’t rust as I had claimed earlier. At the moment of my saying so I had been aware of how easy it would be to convict me of a lie – as though reality weren’t something we invented as well.

But the two detectives who had searched my apartment given their profession had been convinced to be dealing with, as concerned me, a swindler. Thus I did them a favor by lying to them; they immediately became much more sociable when they realized I was playing according to their rules.

Even if they prove that it is blood that dried on the clock’s housing they will be astonished to find out how little this finding will advance their cause.

And that they will return I do not doubt.

I find it hard to imagine that they who opened each and every drawer and impounded so many documents happened to overlook these papers of all things. After the two had left I pulled out an initial bundle from under the pile of typewriter sheets. And I didn’t have to rummage in the wastebasket for long before I found another one. It seems that the whole secret is buried under unwritten pages in the trashcan.  Whatever the case may be, these papers are more likely to lead to the Immune One then the securing of scratch marks or the tapping of walls or the checking of alibis.

Yet I find it strange that the two despite their conscientiousness did not even so much as check the bathroom. At any rate they did not inquire about the broken mirror. It did not take a private eye to discover the hairline fractures that spread from the point of the punch’s impact. All they would’ve had to do is ask me to roll up my right sleeve and they would’ve discovered an injury, which I would’ve been hard pressed to account for.

They have an air of untroubled certitude; they can assume that for each and every one of us who has managed to come to an arrangement with society there exists a paragraph based on which that person can be prosecuted, as soon as the police and court thoroughly deal with them. Enviously, I observed them doing their work; one day I would like to differentiate as effortlessly between what happened and what is possible.

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