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Animals in terms of other animals

Is it possible to describe animals in terms of other animals? It should be!

A pigeon, the way I see it, is a fucked-up raven. For starters it is clearly less intelligent. Then also, it doesn’t have the clear, stark beauty of the black bird. Instead it appears to be a carrier of all types of disgusting diseases, which, to be honest, I don’t know if we human beings can catch them or not. Finally, if all of this is not enough, a crow clearly has more symbolic firepower. Case closed.

Cows are like really strange but more nutritionally valuable horses, they are maybe zero-prestige horses, animals it is impossible to show off with, familiar because after all they both have hooves and a remote facial resemblance [please no specific phylogenetic inquiries]. And sheep are not so bright, less productive cows [they really do follow each other]. I don’t know what it is about these animals but when I look out the window onto a pleasant, succulent meadow and see them they vex the living shit out of me. Except for lambs which are adorable with their pointless little jumps they appear to perform purely for fun.

I don’t particularly like domesticated animals but I have to say that cats, character-wise, are kick-ass; they do to human beings as we do to just about all the other animals: take advantage of them. Thus you can probably guess what my opinion on canine comrades aka dogs is: sell-outs. I mean the impulse is to like them for their unquestioned loyalty but then again, their brand of solidarity is so blind that you cant get around thinking that they are just begging for abuse. Among human beings there is a term for this: bimbo.

Dolphins are awesome, even though their beef with shark totally mystifies me. Perhaps it’s simply a type of relationship that is misunderstood from the outside [the human opinion]. I still believe that the bottlenoses are actually smarter [at the very least emotionally] than us Homo SS and if ever they evolve a couple of fingers and an opposable thumb and it comes to some inter-civilizational showdown, I’m rooting for them.

Human beings, as far as I can see, are stuck-up apes. And also we have the audacity to keep such close family as Orang Utan, Gorilla and the other folks behind bars to stare at. Shame on us. We’re like the Fritzl of Simians.

Unexplored secret

It is

A pro-feminist [a man who is feminist] deepest, darkest secret is that he now and then or regularly or compulsive-obsessively watches porn. He has to find a way to relativize this and make it seem trivial vis-a-vis his heart-felt opinions concerning the societal discrimination of women. This is difficult to impossible.

One of the best things is to say that everybody has their own little sin and that we are all humanly fallible. However, this does not go far enough, so he might have to resort to other ethical trickery: that men are also demeaned [the ridiculous symmetry of injustice] or that the women earn quite handsomely, so well that shortly they will be able to reboot their careers in a more empowering line of work.

None of these sleight-of-mind however, gets at the heart or rather cojones of the problem: that sometimes dark instincts are more powerful than the most enlightened ideals. The argument would be considered too “essentialist” and too “trivial”, all the while the idea of whether or not there might, after all, be certain essential characteristics inherent in human beings goes unexamined. The lack of examination makes it dark and deep, not in any negative sense but simply meaning “unexamined”. After all there might, as we have been informed, lurk great hidden treasures for humanity at the very bottom of the seven seas.

Insects departed on my face

I went running today, after a hot, steaming 12-hour interval of unrelenting sunshine. Despite the gusty wind [which falsely foreboded rain] the air outside still felt like a California, a hot oven. Actually unsurprising, the run was as fucked up as yesterday, even worse. Not simply for the lack of sleep, or the too many coffees I had drunk during work, the heat which was way up there but that, on the back lag, the iPod batteries fritzed out on me. It felt a bit like my own tank went empty, to tell the truth, something sucked right out of me when the music departed my ears and that pleasant female voice that informs me about my clicks’ progression. On the home-stretch its a countdown which happens to be particularly motivating.

Irregardless. The thing that was really irritating and mattered the most were the dense swarms of gnats. I run lakeside, so every 10meters or so I could, en la theoria, like a huge whaleshark, open my mouth and inhale enough mosquitoes to equal a healthy dinner. Except human beings are not constructed like that. So one bows ones head down, tucks the lower under the upper jaw and reduces one’s eyes to coin slits, if one has been prurient enough to look out for these supermassive gnat accumulations. Otherwise you have to resort to hawking them up and coughing them out, a maneuver that feels incredibly dignified, especially if others are watching you. As much as I claim that I don’t give an ASI [avian sexual intercourse] what other folks think of me, sometimes I instinctually do. Instincts are f#cked up like that.

But some of these little idiots end up getting stuck in your hair [if you sport any] or on your sweaty face [if u’re running hard enough]. And there, stuck to your silly salty effluvia, they DIE. In a way it’s not a huge deal but in another way it totally is. All these creatures dying, not even because you are angry at them or anything but simply because you happen to cross paths in an unfortunate way. So I decided to do a body count when I got back home: in front of the mirror I counted the sticky black [and green!] splotches on my face, some of them still slowly thrashing in their death throes [against the sweat’s adhesivity and steep saline gradient, good luck]. 11! Eleven helpless civilian mosquitoes died to day for me to have a sub-mediocre work-out. I feel like there might be some universal scale of justice out there where such a ration is not considered acceptable. Thankfully I remain ignorant of it and can instead fret about how I can optimize my running without investing a little fortune in new, actually functional tech gear.

Cultured Saying

You can take the spaceship out of the universe

but you can never take the universe out of the

spaceship… Dear Bora Horza Gobuchul.

Ill thought

Chairman of Rep N.C., M. S. Steele

I have this terrible thought sometimes when I see a person of color or a person of African descent or a Black or an African-American or rather a Brother or a Sister who happens to be acting strangely, that is in my consideration not appropriate to public space. The thought says: Damnit, with your behavior you are supplying good fodder for stereotypes about “us”. An instant later, in horror, I realize: but it is me, thinking in this way, who adds much more petroleum to the hellish fires of discrimination. It is through such moments of clarity  that one realizes, quite aghast, that the project of inner decolonization is never finished.

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