Joelle “Snow” White [part 11, finito la storia]


–       Oh heavens, where am I?

She exclaims in surprise. The bedraggled cardiologist full of joy, replies:

–       You are with me. I, Doctor Soliswe Mda, love you more than everything in the world; come with me to my eight-room, down-town appartment. You shall be my wife. We will enjoy the good life.

And Joelle happy for but tired of sharing an appartment with seven other people, as well as taking care of their chores is willing and goes with him. She is also hoping that not being around a supplier like C.K. will facilitate her transition away from her addiction and staying clean. Having at last gained the affection of somebody who seems to see in her more than a means to an end or a glitzy gal, Joelle has the courage to once again contact her father King White in person. And so they invite him to the wedding together with the wicked stepqueen.


On the day of the wedding, when the unsuspecting Henriette Trefoil has arrayed herself in beautiful clothes she goes yet again before the looking-glass:

–       Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall,

Who in this land is the fairest of all?

The glass, wishing it had arms to strangle the darn hag, answers:

–       Oh, Queen, of all here the fairest art thou,

But the young Queen is fairer by far as I trow.

Surprise betakes her: how is this possible? Did the world never tire of producing beauties? At first H.T. would not go to the wedding at all, dreading the new competition but she has no peace and has to go see the young Queen, for she is curious to see who this might be.

Nicholas K. White is overflowing with joy when he at long last sees his lovely daughter again about to be wed to an honorable young cardiologist whose only slight downside is his persistent nosebleed.

As the festivities wear on into the night, Joelle sits down with her father and whispers into his ear all the horrible things that have come to pass the last few weeks and who has so devised them. She also argues that since she herself is in the process of overcoming addiction, surely something could be done about this problem as well. One after the other, her seven small friends all confer with Altra Luna’s kingpin, confirming and extending on his daughers account. Dark clouds cas be seen to pass over the face of King White and he nods gravely as the horror sinks in.

Then stepqueen Trefoil attempts her grand, belated entrance but when she recognizes amid the swirling guests Princess Joelle “Snow” White she stands still with rage and fear, and cannot stir. But iron slippers have already been put upon the fire, and they are brought in with tongs, one by Charlie, the other by a grim King White, and set before her. Seeing this, J.S.W rushes the scene in horror and exclaims:

–      Aiiiii!!! No, enough with all this violence. It was most execrable what you did too me, poor Henriette Trefoil. But I am willing to forgive you and start over, as I have done the same for myself. There is in me a snow-free Joelle White, as there is in you somewhere a lovable Prof. C. Dialo. I will help you discover her as you let me, albeit inadvertently, retrive myself in an unknown city. Ask for forgiveness and I will forgive and forget.

And thus both women do.

However, this constellation of characters does not live happily every after but at least this chapter of intrafamilial rivalry and inner life tribulation is firmly shut.


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