And is it foolish to look for beauty in every day ?


I ask from life nothing more than that it attempt the aesthetic


If I cannot lift my gaze to the sky and be pleased


What role in the play of beauty does that accord me?!



It is quite a folly to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder


The most sublime sight is in the hands of mother nature


If there be a human being to lay its gaze on it or not


Is insubstantial, ethereal as that blink we call life



Everyone knows that one can see and yet be blind


That in the land of the blind, he with the stick can bonk everyone


No, beauty is born not from sight but the womb of eternity


And such glimpses as we may catch, today or tomorrow


Must suffice us blind, violent treasure hunters for a crooked smile




About tmabona

writer, reader [bolano, DW, bellow, deLillo], runner, badmintoneer
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