The Most Crazy [Altra Mextli, pt.V, fin]


He grins inscrutably, then replies

–         But I too serve justice. The cartel does not kill for money. It doesn’t kill women. It doesn’t kill innocent people, only those who deserve to die. Know that this is seraphic justice

–         Like I said: bullshit. Repeating a lie a thousand times does not make it a truth.

–         You know better than that.


The day before the National Police Commissioner is to instate Officer Calderon as the new Chief Officer of the Terra Infinita Police Department, Professor Gallardo, the most feared criminal in the country makes an escape from the maximum security prison he is held in. The penal system officials as well as the police is at a loss of words to explain to the media and public how such a thing could happen but Officer Calderon knows, knows grudgingly.

She receives an invite from the team of specialists doing the investigation into the escape. When she arrives at the prison facility and is escorted to the room where her colleagues, flustered and sleep-deprived are again and again studying the footage of the events. On the screen in the cell on the cot is not the human shape of The Most Crazy but instead a big almost transparent blob: an ectoplasmic slime mold.

Officer Calderon is saddened by how perfectly indeed it all matches up: the messianic messages, the criminal cartel, the strange dietary pattern [bodies without heads], the uncalled-for violence. This is a mold in its death throes, a menace to society, which has two maybe three more years to live, long for a human, short for an e. s. m. Her friend died because of this monstrous piece of slime, a disgrace to all ectoplasmic slime molds. She excuses herself shortly, citing violent illness, which isn’t that far off the mark.

Once at home she waits for her husband to return from work and her two daughters to come back from school. Then she bids them a tearful goodbye, citing a long special assignment she has been given in another prefecture to eradicate Gallardo’s remaining cells. Walking out the door she pauses, wondering if she cannot simply let it be and accept her new position as Chief Officer of the T.I.P.D and let her dying fellow do the same? No she cannot: it takes an ectoplasmic slime mold to take down an ecotplasmic slime mold.


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