Joelle “Snow” White [pt.V]


She spends nights unasleep scheming her head off on how exactly she could usurp 100% of Nicholas King White’s affections so as to let Joelle end up sitting on the affectional dry. Objectively observed the princess is not even a competitor because she is so all-consumingly absorbed in self-hate [not just because of the cocaine addiction but also, bizarrely, blaming herself for the death of a mother she never knew] that she has her hands full keeping track of her own life. Only as a function of Joelle’s affection for her father does she realize that icy stepqueen Trefoil is a negative vector as she clouds Nicholas White’s judgment. The stepqueen’s magical mirror which she had bought in a little Roma encampment on Mount Pornossus many a holiday ago finally brings things to a head. The occasion is Joelle’s overboarding Sweet Sixteen, which is also attended by celebrities from all the lands and her future model agent, one Fey Konman.

Sickened by the celebrations of her youthful, unwitting, bombshell adversary stepqueen Henriette Trefoil is fuming in her room:

– Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall, Who in this republic is the fairest of all? And the glass replies

– Thou art fairer than all who are here, Lady Queen. But more beautiful still is Joelle Snow White, as I ween.

Which seals the deal for the mean stepqueen: the green will not fade out of her own face before the blood-red is drained out of J.S.W’s lips. How to go about such a daring undertaking when she would be beheaded at once if the King finds out? Henriette Trefoil’s back-story is a sinister one: she has had dealings with a considerable cross-section of A.L’s underground, thus the stepqueen has a vast network of connections, favors she can tap into at any time, free-lancing criminal elements to be asked to reciprocate what H.T. has done for them in the past. Simply, the stepqueen is a grey eminence. The jealousy-ridden woman ends up contacting a loaned-out hitman, name of Jesus Mercurio. She calls him on a disposable cell and says:

– Take the child away into the forest; I will no longer have her in my sight. Kill her, and bring me back her lung and liver as a token.

Mercurio informs her that the forest is a bad idea but that the intestines are returnable though this is unnecessary brutal and will considerably increase the chances of the whole thing going awry. To reconsider, which she declines.

Meanwhile, just one week after her sweet 16 exorbitancies, Joelle’s modeling career takes off like a sub-orbital shuttle and her emaciated, albumescent body soon adorns the shiny front-pages of numerous high-profile fashion- and lifestyle magazines. Her tank of self-confidence nevertheless is not in the least fuelled by her new life as Princess cum supermodel cum socialite because

a) she attributes all of it to King White’s pulling of strings in the shady background and thus herself being a wickedly unautonomous puppet

b) J.S.W. is not approached by any adventurous, charming suitors who she surmises are of the opinion that “the price” is not worth the risks involved

c) unlike the fashion-nazis, editors and photographers she has a very acute perception of her body as being alarmingly skinny and in need of increased caloric input, plus not-in-the-least imitation-worthy for any other young damsels who would much better off following her interest in African literature or art or, generally, placing brain over body

d) and this is really most important, Princess White cannot forgive herself for being hooked on llallo, which in turn complicates the relationship with her beloved King father: an exasperating love-hate oscillation has set in. After all snow is not just her personal demon, she who at least has enough cash$$$ to keep it a clean affair but coke is also messing up millions of nameless lower classes people. Exactly the people from which background Nicholas White originally hails from but now is so dreadfully out of touch with. Anyway, under the aegis of Fey Konman who has networking wizardry but zilch organizational skills, under or beside or in spite of him Joelle. S. White flourishes as the most celebrated female commodity of Altra Luna.

However, the procurement of blow after the witnessing of the head-severing incident becomes a brutal pain in the behind because the King has her monitored constantly and naturally has unspeakable stuff done onto those seven-time losers who are ignorant enough to still attempt to peddle to her. There are few and far between jars of transparent liquid standing around in the penthouse, two eyeballs floating in each, to remind the snuffle-nosed Princess of the price of her addiction to others. Which didactically is not the best way to go, surely.


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