Colorful Polytics in Germany


I think I am starting to understand German politics: there is a party that is yellow, there is a party that is green (they call themselves “the green ones”, haha) there is a party that is red, etc.  When election time comes, they set up their placards all across town, literally, on every lamp pole and open wall. Like graffitti but without the art or skill or love.

The placards must be in the colour of the party and they must feature the head of a party member.  I think this is called recognizability & figure head, respectively. Then also, there must be a slogan to which a few rules apply:

a) it must be witty [e.g. Mehr Netto vom Brutto]

b) it should sound a bit like a promise but not be an actual promise, i.e. the party members must be able to re-interpret it at will at a later point in time

c) if possible a party of another color should be made to look silly.

Then comes election day and the people can go and vote for the best color (or party, if you will). This spectacle is celebrated as democracy.

p.s.: I would bet a pretty penny that the parties are also somewhat like a rainbow: they can only be seen or only show their true color, when the sun shines, after the storm.

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One Response to Colorful Polytics in Germany

  1. simone says:

    absolut zutreffend, gefällt mir!

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