Orb and the Tetrahedrons [pt.III]


Pab  the Tetrahed has told Orb that what makes the inscription so interesting is that it actually properly emoting would belong either in a grey or black room because the sentiments expressed therein are despair, suffering and horror but that now here, in the green room, the thing takes on a new tonality: that of a body during a ritual of passage. Orb asks it:

–       Bull, horse, human something… are they only what is on this wall or do they…. How to bubble this? Do they project for something, some other horse, bull, human somewhere else? You know, as when the Icosahedron leave behind their droppings, the perma-bubbles. Sorry, sometimes textulating is just not enough to get the meaning and feeling out of me into you, I wish I could inscribe…

–       You are correct orb. But it is both: representing and as is. It is not from me though. I want us to be able to appreciate the beauty and horror from other places so that we can view ourselves better. This seems necessary, not to limit us to Tetrahedrons, Cubes, Octahedrons, Dodecahedrons, Icosahedron and Trapezohedra.

–       As a black sphere of zero transparency, yes, I am viewing what you are bubbling. Even here we have the limits without reason, the Icosahedrons and the Trapezohedra, they make me want to float to the blue room many a time. But this thing here, down here. Ex-textulate to me, what is it projecting?

–       A sword, a broken sword. It stands for defeat. Imagine a Cube never becoming an Octahedron but not because of the lack of refinement but because of another Cube. Or imagine the Trapezohedra chiseling during the rite of passage: hewing and chipping and chiseling at the Cube or Octahedron till nothing is left. This is part of the meaning of the broken sword.

–       It seems that I view Pablo. Your company is very nice to me. I forget about my lack of transparency, my strange ways of emoting and appreciating projections as the others bubble. Even without the smudge I am sure I would always recognize you.

–       They are afraid of you Orb. They suspect you are a perma-bubble come alive, the representation of an Icosahedron that has at last passed out of our world, our many colorful rooms. Do you view? This is why you are not ejected, why you are always a guest of honor. In another place you might be textulated as spirit or ancestor.

Two trapezohedra approach rapidly, glowing burgundyly. Orb bubbles Pab to make a dash for it and to meet again in the black room’s third south-south-eastern-delta port for Tetras. At once they speed away in opposite directions at incredible velocities that leave the two arbiters trundling towards each other yellowly and almost, to their huge embarrassment, colliding. Indeed all bodies can reach these high velocities, it is just that it is never considered necessary and thus has never been done, to leave alone the risk of impacting each other most disgracefully.

After a while the two Trapezos steady themselves and view about the room, deeply disconcerted by the inscriptions but unsure what is to be done next in defense of their standing and the Icosahedrons. The problem is what other Tetrahedrons, possibly even Cubes, might begin projecting or emoting after viewing all of this, is the big problem to be dealt with, more so than the maverick body of creation. The Tetras who cannot float yet and just lurch and shamble along the walls can be an unruly rabble, they have not yet mastered any arts of appreciation and sentiments.


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