Orb and the Tetrahedrons [pt.II]


The ultimate expression of silence are black rooms [darkies] where there is no bubbling allowed and which are usually stupendous in size, sometimes up to 50 times the volume of a green room. The only thing allowed in black rooms is the faintest glow so that crystals will not knock against each other, a most unpleasant calamity. But Orb is not looking for a darkie right now, he wants to find again that green room where his favorite Tetrahedron, Pablo, had had the audacity to inscribe a projection of its own. They get along fabulously as the two of them can bubble about anything on any matter, e.g what it projects are the reasons that bodies stop differentiating amongst one another as single crystals once they pass onto the level of Cubes, if Trapezohedras might have an ulterior agenda and where they might hail from, etc. It is a whole huge conglomeration of issues they have exchanges about whenever they drift across each other.

This in itself is an extraordinary thing to happen, for two bodies to meet again and again rather than just floating around aimlessly in search of supreme aesthetic, shape-wise and emotional refinement. Encounters with others are viewed as simply furthering this goal. Far from any such ideas, what Orb enjoys is Pablo’s skill to not just appreciate but to create!

Orb can hardly understand what it views upon entering one of the more spacious green rooms: one wall is covered in a meticulous pattern that in different places works itself out into shapes that are not straight-lined but contain, like Orb itself, curved elements, many curved elements that themselves in contiguity form bodies of new and unknown shape. No body, not even Orb, has any idea what Pablo is bubbling about even when it textulates that this is something it has viewed in a darkie.

–       But there are no projections in the dark room, every body knows this!

–       It was not a projection, it was a…. view.

–       But one can only view what is already there: projections, other bodies, portals, walls.

And Pablo spins very briefly, very rapidly around all three axes at once, which is the circavalent of “no” but actually means “there are other possibilities”. For all this and more Orb likes the Tetrahedron and gives it an occasional bounce when there are no other bodies around to severely disapprove or report these subversive activities. Indeed the spherical, black, elastic Orb is very much disliked because it has already smudged three bodies, which certain Icosahedrons have approached it about, inter-bubbling it what is the aesthetic, emotional or geometrical value of the black smudges? That this is very strange activity not to be repeated or there will be consequences. That all Icosahedrons and even the not very refined Dodecahedrons look down upon such ways of behaving. It is a matter of course and etiquette for any body not to textulate about any geometrical shape more than one step of refinement before them.

Orb attends to these very refined bodies and what they bubble, then describes the slow circle that almost signifies “yes” but would be better translated as “this might be the best way”. However, inside it textulates to itself “there are other possibilities”. The Icosahedrons are not aware of this, they don’t view Orb’s disagreement because 100% transparency is such a taken for granted value among these bodies that they would be even unable to do so if they had any intention. To be totally, absolutely open is the only means of advancement towards becoming an Icosahedron… and possibly beyond.

Orb floats into the green room where its comrade has continued the work of engraving upon the walls, lines to surfaces, surfaces to textures, textures to bodies, bodies to scenes, a breadth of impressions that is very difficult to deal with coming from a life consisting purely of geometrical crystals and monochrome rooms of the same geometries. Some of the elements are familiar to it as far as Pablo had told it what they stand for: bull, horse, human being.


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