Orb [pt.I, sort-of a “Flatland” for the 21st]


There are three cubes cycling in space at close range, close enough so Orb cannot leave his corner without touching one of them, which it will absolutely not let happen. They are, all four of them, in one of the blue rooms. It is of course cubical.  They must be sad or disappointed but since they are not bubbling messages it is impossible for orb to tell exactly what is going on. It has been shown very slight indications of ostracism before but this here seems like the first blatant episode. It decides to bubble

–  What’s wrong my cubies? Why so   glum? I’ll be happy to bubble with you, be helpful anyway I can… just…. I have to know what’s eating you. I won’t tell any Octahedrons, promise.

They keep cycling silently, now adding little epicycles of agitation. They remain constantly transparent indicating that they are not experiencing any change in affect, then again, they are in the blue room after all. Orb thinks that if it gets the timing right it could roll out and away between two of the rotating cubes at exactly the right moment.

Making contact with the walls is very looked down upon but not nearly as much of an outrage as contact between bodies for which the offended party can either seek redress with a trapezohedoron or immediately take revenge itself [bubble bump, tailing, slander, etc.] as it finds fit without fear of further reprisals. Because everybody respects the rules. Every body except Orb who is not even really a body, after all it has no faces, so say the others. Orb doesn’t care, it is three dimensional, it bubbles, which is sometimes called “textulate”, it floats, it co-emotes in color… what else could a body possibly be? It goes to blue rooms when it feels lonely but that is not all that often. More frequently it is whizzing from one space to the next, bubbling with fellow shapes, attending rites of passage as a guest of honor, just being a regular busy body. But lately the rapport with other bodies has cooled noticeably, they seem reluctant to textulate or even just uni-cycle, which is a sign of conviviality: floating through and across rooms together describing the same motions. And now here it is facing outright hostility from these three rotating cubes who will not let it pass probably unaware of the fact that it does not mind bouncing a body every once in a while. 

Orb pays close attention to their radial velocities to time its move then dashes forward in a hectic spin along the red wall. Behind it it can see the shaking vibrations of the cubes when something outstrips their ability to understand OR outrages them. Then the black orb lifts off towards an opening through which only octahedrons and more refined bodies may pass, just whizzes through it like its no big deal.

Into a yellow room where a Dodecahedron and an octahedron silently float before a suprematist projection. Occasionally the rooms are not just a monochrome space precisely replicating the different crystal bodies in shape [with various openings for the differently shaped bodies] but have additionally certain images projected onto  their walls, for aesthetic appreciation.

Apart from the interconnected single-colored rooms the world consists of Tetrahedrons, Cubes, Octahedrons, Dodecahedrons, Icosahedron and the arbitrating Trapezohedra. The world is rife with suspicion that there are bodies more refined even than the Icosahedron but no body bubbles much at all about this for not wanting to offend any Icosahedrons and because what cannot be known, so says one of their tenets, should be passed over in silence.


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