The Most Crazy [or Altra Mextli, pt.III]






















Officer Calderon gapes in amazement despite the scorching hot air then becomes aware of the waiter, black clad, beside her, whom she waivs off casually. She looks over to Officer LaPaz who is making gestures calling for patience, a calm mind, circumspection and such. The most likely scenario is that eight to ten of the surrounding cafe guests are the Professor’s bodyguards ready to sacrifice their hearts at an instant’s notice, the valiant price of being lifted out of the gutter into a prosperous life of murder, drug trafficking and regular family affairs.  [Is the bodyguard frightened by young women of good family? Young women of good family whose handbags contain God knows what? Does the bodyguard feel that the situation is unfair? Will the son of the bodyguard, living with his mother in a city far away, himself become a bodyguard? …This and more her favorite writer had asked and was never answered.]

Nazario Gallardo ever so peacefully gets to his feet, makes his way to the sidewalk and begins ambling in the direction of the Central Plaza. Nobody follows except Officer Calderon who is now frantically being waved at by her colleague to fall back. It is noon, the sun is murderous, an enemy to anybody caught in its glare. She is gripping her gun again, opening her holster, drawing it out, the bypassing pedestrian eyes finally taking note of her, shaking the heads in which they find themselves. The Most Crazy’s walk is smooth enough for his hat to appear to be moving in a straight line while the flow of foot traffic parts around him, dividing and merging ceaselessly. They are passing as in a gauntlet one after another huge, richly ornamented stone pillar of the window front of one of the biggest shopping palaces in the country. A half-full coke can gets tossed out of a moving car in the dense traffic, three vultures traverse the blinding sky upon the thermals. With a short sprint she is at his side and dares to put her hand on his shoulder.

–       Professor Nazareno Gallardo, I am Officer Calderon of the Terra Infinita Police Department. I am asking you to stand still and identify yourself please!

He does stop but only turns his head in her direction. The shadow cast upon it by the hat is starkly black so that only his smiling teeth show under it and above that two white orbs encasing two smaller disks as of ice. Yes, The Most Crazy. He blurs and is gone, a shadow sprinting down the sidewalk. Officer Calderon follows at once reactivating her walkie-talkie and yelling at Officer LaPaz to get his ass over here, that the suspect is making an escape. On the other end Officer LaPaz is cursing.

If it weren’t for the man’s hat, she might have a harder time following but given this prominent feature she stays within striking distance though she can’t strike. The Kingpin from Hell is surely aware that she cannot, not in a thousand years, the most wanted crime boss in the country who got so cocky he showed up in the wrong place at the wrong time must be caught alive. In the background she can hear the wailing sirens of her colleague.

He dodges left and into one of the stores. She follows. Luckily it’s a bookstore, which though it provides him with almost uncountable aisles to hide in is a bad place to make an escape, given how bereft of shoppers it is. Perhaps following his natural inclinations he rushes over to the religious sections and makes another left into the second aisle. Not knowing what exactly to do Officer Calderon fires in the air twice, which is followed by much screaming and confusion

–       This is Officer Calderon of the Terra Infinita Police Department. Leave the store immediately, I repeat leave the store…


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